Other places to find help.

There may be other services to help you. To find out what legal help is available in your area of Illinois, go to Get Legal Help.

If you have some money to pay for a lawyer, then you can contact the Illinois State Bar Association’s Lawyer Finder. The service gives you the name of a local lawyer who you can discuss your legal issue with for $25. After the initial meeting, you can decide whether to hire the lawyer.

Some lawyers offer ‘limited scope’ services. Limited scope means that a lawyer will help you with one part of your case, rather than the whole case. For example, a lawyer could draft legal documents for you to file on your own in court, or a lawyer could appear in court on your behalf for one hearing before the judge. If you talk to a lawyer, ask them about limited scope services.

To learn more about your legal problem, check out IllinoisLegalAid.org. It offers free legal articles, guides, court forms, videos and more.